Poetry about “at the beach”


At the Beach is a lovely experience and this experience gets more beautiful when you have the company of your favourite ones. A place that I enjoy visiting is the beach. Because it is typically calm and tranquil, it is regarded as a relaxing environment. To be able to gaze around you and witness mother nature at its most beautiful. If you ask most people, they will tell you that it is one of their favourite vacation spots. Not only for the sake of beauty and relaxation but also for pure entertainment value. The beach is known as a location of beauty as well as a place to unwind. Many times, you’ll witness artists depicting the beach in their works or singing about its beauty and glory. No matter how descriptive or precise the photo is, it will never be able to portray the true beauty of the beach. Not only from above but also from below. The ocean is teeming with diverse and fascinating aquatic life.

Some people use the beach as a place to relax and unwind. The volleyball nets were as taut as a harp string. The hammocks swayed gently in the pleasant sea air. Like Niagra Falls, the drinks are flowing and plentiful. At the beach, people constantly find something entertaining to do.

When we awoke in the morning, the weather was gorgeous. Because it was also our vacation, Father decided to take us to the beach. We also invited our cousins. We packed our luggage with swimsuits, beach toys, food, and other necessities shortly after breakfast.

A day at the beach:

It had been a fantastic day at the beach. We had a terrific time splashing around in the water. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the guests were cluttering the beach with trash such as plastic bags and bottles, disposables, and so on. These are carried into the water by the waves, making it unclean and nasty. Many sea species find it uninhabitable as a result, and some die as a result of the pollution. Aside from that, people toss leftover food on the beach, attracting stray animals. Was People should be accountable for keeping their environment clean. When we arrived, we found a suitable spot under a tree to store our belongings. A large number of individuals were enjoying themselves on the beach. Some people were wading in the water. We began by burying the large umbrella in the sand. My sister and I were eager to take advantage of the pleasant weather. We decided to go for a beach walk.

When the sky turned red, the beach became even more beautiful. We went to the changing room after six o’clock and took a bath and changed our clothing because the guards wouldn’t let us stay on the beach after sundown. We returned to our hotel and shared our experiences from the day. We were all overjoyed because the day had gone so nicely.

Summer at the beach:

Individuals can visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the seaside during the summer. Furthermore, the feelings and experiences that may be had at the beach during the summer are usually wonderful. During the summer, the beach offers a variety of sights and sensations. The plantation along with the shore and inside the sea, the animals, the waterways, and the humans located in the beaver pond is among them. With the abundance of natural vegetation, the beach appears to be alive and thriving. Both along and inside the beach, there are evergreen plantations. Along the shore, images of buoyant seaweeds can be seen. Palm palms may be seen standing tall along the shore, dancing to the sound of the sea breeze.

Seagrapes and sea oats can also be seen growing in bunches in the sea along the shore. There are beautiful coloured flowers that shine brightly in the summer sun. The delicious aroma of flower grapes provides a message to the world about nature’s ability to bring hope. The perfume provided by the buoyant sea flowers really transforms the ambience. Additionally, images of leafless trees can be seen from afar. The perfect combination of plants along the shore and inside the water brings nature’s beauty to its pinnacle.

Activities at the beach:

Beaches offer a wide range of entertaining activities. Building sandcastles, collecting seashells, and playing in the water near the shore are the most popular activities among youngsters. Water activities, beach volleyball, various card games, surfing (if it is an ocean beach), and so on are all options for teenagers. Adults typically go on picnics with their family or friends, sunbathe, or simply spend time in good company. There are no specific activities for different ages. Actually, you are free to do whatever you want on the beach as long as you keep other people in mind. They’ve come here to relax and enjoy their vacation, so don’t ruin it for them.

Experience at the beach:

The beach is a terrific spot to visit on a hot, sunny day. I’d go to the beach to enjoy the ocean, the sun, or simply to spend time with my family and friends. There are numerous aspects of the beach that make it a relaxing and pleasant environment. The sights and sounds, but most notably the stunning environment, are the most prominent objects that jump out. The fragrance and, most importantly, the taste are less obvious when heading to the beach. The only thing about going to the beach that I don’t like is the seagulls flying around seeking something to eat. After a long, bitter, and agonising winter season, going to the beach is like the first and last pleasant summer day.

The beach’s numerous sounds can be rather relaxing. The sound of the deep waves crashing against the coast, obliterating everything in their path. It’s just something about hearing the waves and seeing the water splashing that relaxes me and puts me in a deep, tranquil sleep, almost as if I’m in a coma. Going to the beach is made better by the sound of a gentle breeze blowing on the adjacent trees’ leaves.

People may not notice it as the day progresses at the beach, but there are a variety of tastes and fragrances to be found there. There’s something about the smell of salty sea air that makes me dread the thought of the day at the beach coming to an end. The smells of individuals devouring the tasty delicacies that they had brought to the beach with them. Another perfume of a summer at the beach is the scent of fragrant flowers that drifts toward me when the air carries the scent. It makes me want to reach out and take a whiff with my thirsty hands.

Sunset at the beach:

The sun peered beyond the horizon as if bidding farewell to this California beach bed. She offered me a gift of absolute tranquilly and serenity before she left. I was enslaved to the wonderful sight she placed in front of me. With the smell of salt assaulting my nostrils and my feet buried in the rough sand in desperate need of warmth. The beach is pleasant, has a beautiful outlook, and is completely peaceful. My concerns and stresses are released at the beach, where nothing goes wrong and everything just melts away with the sunset.

The worst imaginable feeling is struggling to open ten-pound eyelids after a nap, leaving you drooling and craving more, especially on what feels like the worst day of your life. It’s made even more difficult by the most vexing ringing sounds. When you recall why it’s easier to wake up than when you realise you just have five minutes to get to school and it’s a fifteen-minute commute. My body quickly adapted to the floor after stepping out of bed and feeling the hardwood beneath my feet, tiptoeing as though waling on ice. This room has turned into the wreckage of a tornado in quest of a black and white bikini.

Poem about at the beach:

A Day At The Beach

By  Marie Matheny


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