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To quote short lines of poetry within the longer lines of an essay’s paragraph, writers should use;


To quote short lines of poetry within the longer lines of an essay’s paragraph, writers should use you quotes the works of others in your paper, you differently quoted and it depends on the length you choose.

There are some suggestions that help you when you quote a short line of poetry within the longer lines of an essay’s paragraph. You should use double quotation marks to enclosed your quote. Punctuation marks Such as period, commas, colons, and semicolon should be used, and in the quotation, you also used brackets like for example,

“ Education is the key to success (door)”

“Education is the key to success”, why?

When we used the short lines from poetry we use slash / to breaks and in the end, we used double slash //. Like for example,

That’s all I remember (11-12).

If you omit quotation marks when citing a long section of poetry keep it as real as possible.

It must consist of the poet’s last name in the main text, and if there are page numbering you should add this also.

The work cited list also should be clearly mentioned used ‘line’ or ‘lines’ in the first citation.

Placed the titles of the poem in quotation marks when writing them in a sentence, like for example,

“stopping by wood on a snowy evening”

By Robert frost

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,/ But I have to promise to keep,/ and miles to go before I sleep.”

Try to a short quotation of three lines or short in your essay. Put a slash whenever you borrow an idea you should use citation. If you take information from other sources, you must indicate this in your paper, otherwise, it is plagiarism.

Use in-text citation, you should also add the number line you quoted every single word or phrase.

Another main idea is you should cite long and short quotes separately. If the quotes include over three lines it called a long quotation and it is intended 1 inch or 10 spaces. If you use poems of the same authors you should mention cite. Like quotation columns the poet’s name. The collection of text called an anthology, it can be a collection of poems, short stories, or novels. For this purpose you should use MLA format, it can be used by the reader to find the author’s source easily and quickly. It provides a consistent format within a discipline. In this way by using MLA writer easily quotes short lines of poetry within longer lines of the essay paragraph.

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